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Just to show folks that I do get out from time to time.  To expand the photos, click on the thumbnails.  Don't worry - all file sizes are under 16K.  This won't take all day.

My first steelhead, a nice 12 lb. male, from Stony Creek.  Long, long ago.

My favorite fishin' buddy, son Ryan, with a nice Houghton Lake crappie.  He catches more than his share of fish, talking trash all the while.  Pro's beware.

Here he is again with his first steelhead (Spring '98), a 10.5 lb. male from Lake Huron.

This nice 9 lb. Northern Pike hit a golden shiner on a tip-up.  Houghton Lake.

8 lb. Coho Salmon, 7lb. steelhead, from the Pere Marquette River.

Me and Ryan with a nice catch of Higgins Lake rainbow and brown trout.  You'll notice who's holding the most fish.

Swamp monsters!!  4.5 lb. largemouth, 2 lb. largemouth, and 5 lb. pike.  Reedsburg Backwaters/Deadstream Swamp.

10 lb. brown trout, 8 lb. steelhead, from Tawas Pier, Lake Huron.

Yeah, OK, so it's a carp.  It's a biiig carp.  To see how big,  click here.
Caught it on 6 lb. test, too.

This one caused a bit of "discussion" at our house. HER: "There is no %&#@% way you're pasting my picture all over the &#@!&% internet!" ME: "But honey, I think you should be proud of your pair of 3 pound smallies." HER: "There is no %$#&@! way........". This is our compromise. Hope you like it at least as much as she does.


That's My Boy!

Finally!!! This 14", 1.5 lb. perch was tops in the perch category at the 2003 Tip Up Town. On display at Lyman's.

Leroy's Tip 

Like take out pizza? Save those boxes! Pizza boxes make the best fish cleaning platforms that I know of. Much easier than cleaning on newspaper, and they don't easily leak through, making clean up a snap.

Leroy's Tip #2

To use ESB with high tech lines (which are usually very limp), use a foot long piece of our old friend scrap mono with a loop knot tied in one end. Thread the free end through the bobber, leaving the loop above the stop bead. Thread a foot of high tech through the loop and use the looped mono to pull it through the bobber.


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